Marathon Running Music Mixes

Marathon in 4 hours 30 minutes

The important thing to do is to run consistent and steady paces throughout the race/run. You must remember that the ‘Hitting the Wall’ experience might happen to you between the 32km and 36km mark – so you must be ready to cope. That is why we have structured this running music mix of run2rhythm music the way we have – to help you through any tough moments. However, no music, motivation tapes or anything else will get you there unless you have put in the hours of training and ‘the miles in the legs.’

Start easy for the first 105 mins (about 16 kms), the next 15 kms should take about 90 mins. You then have 11 kms to go and this should take 75minutes. Total time 4hrs 30 mins.

Please remember that these times relative to BPM (beats per minute) are approximate and will vary from runner to runner depending on fitness, running technique, conditions on the day etc. We have found that this is a good mix order but it is only a guide. You can mix the music around anyway that suits you.

All of our tracks are 15 minutes long so that gives you good rhythm for extended periods. ( you would need over 100 songs from playlists for the same period if you weren’t repeating songs). There are only 18 different tracks here.

At the start of the run you will be excited and also a bit nervous. The key here is to NOT start out too hard – you have a long way to go.

160bpm Golden Mile – Taran Carter – Great to start with, helps relax but with solid rhythms

163bpm Looking for a Clue Pt4 – Harald Riedel Strong drum and bass sound helps you go a bit faster

163bpm The River – Adrian Vincent – will hold you in the rhythm but ease the intensity of the drum and bass sound - contrast

166bpm Adrenolynx – Adrian Szondy This is a driving rhythm with solid percussive sounds and great rhythmic melodies

You should have run approximately 10kms

166bpm Phoenix – Adrian Szondy still at the faster pace a journey in 6/8 time that creates a running and breathing pattern of a breath every 3 steps. You can feel your breath matching your stride. This helps relax even at the faster pace. You will ‘float’

163bpm Fat Burner – Sole Power Big brass sound that is exhilarating. You feel extra energy with the strong funk sounds and rhythms

163bpm Meshoeu – Adrian Vincent. Influenced by dance and Hip Hop rhythms with an almost fun carnival sound and feel – relaxes the mind but keeps the body going.

163bpm Looking for a Clue Pt2 – Harald Riedel Bring back the 2nd part of the great drum and bass album. Important to be maintaining the pace and remaining relaxed.

You should have run approximately 20.5kms

160bpm Walls and Mirrors – Taran Carter. The humour (the song Walls and Mirrors within this track is fun) will bring a smile to your face as you go through the half point of the marathon

163bpm Stopwatch – SolePower. Now we’re back with some serious deep funk sounds that wake us up and make us realise we are in a marathon. The energy this track provides will empower you.

163bpm Raven – Adrian Vincent. Beautiful melodies and rhythms make you feel good. This will put you in a good place in your mind-you will be starting to feel proud of yourself.

163bpm Looking for a Clue Pt1 – Harald Riedel. Strong drum and bass sound helps you maintain your pace

You should have run approximately 30kms

160bpm Finish Line – Taran Carter. This track has been chosen for this moment in the marathon because of the wonderfully inspiring words of the song and the beautiful voice of our gorgeous singer Caitlin. Listen for the ‘baby cry’.

156bpm - On the Delta – Nick Charles. This is a completely different sound to what you have been running to. One of our greatest blues guitarists gives us a magnificent track and variety. It’s also a step down in speed.

156bpm – Summertime – Adrian Vincent. The quirky words bring a smile to your face as you start to look forward to the finish.

156bpm – Born to Run – Andrew Batterham. High quality composition with strong dance sound and rhythmic melodies


So far in the run the music has helped you forget about any aches or niggles and allowed you to become completely absorbed in you own being. Now is the time to enjoy.

156bpm – Warm Your Soul – Adrian Vincent. Now that you are close to the finish it is time to enjoy. This track with it’s great percussion, melody and song will allow you to enjoy the moment.

The piece de resistance-only 2 kms out

156bpm – The Power of Sound – Andrew Batterham. This big orchestral sound gives you the feeling of a stadium finish and will excite you to the finish. The sense of pride you will gather from this experience will be with you for ever.

Good Luck and Enjoy

Gary Blake

Founder – run2rhythm

Send me a personal email if you require music mixes for a different marathon time




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