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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is running to run2rhythm music better than using favorite playlists?

Playlists can be detrimental to your training as they will not provide any synchronization between the body, the music and the mind. The body is almost always out of sync with the music.

Playlists of favorite tracks will contain many different BPM’s. There is no way you can get into a smooth pattern of consistent rhythmic running as every track will contain a different beat and most will be too slow to run to.

run2rhythm specially composed running music and jogging music ensures that your running steps per minute will match the beat of the music. Thus you will always be in sync with the music providing a smooth running experience without interruption. Visit our benefits page for more information.

2. How can I figure out what beat best suits my running style?

This is relatively easy to do. If you refer to our technical page you will find all the information necessary to help you choose which beats will best suit you and thus help you to choose the most suitable music to run with.

3. Is run2rhythm suitable for beginners and advanced users?

It certainly is. The slower beats are ideal for starting out. Don’t try to do too much too soon and gradually build up the time spent for each run. Seasoned runners will enjoy the steady rhythm to run to and can plan great and enjoyable programs.

4. Can run2rhythm be used for other forms of exercise or just for listening to?

Yes. As we say, run2rhythm is seriously great music and is fantastic to listen to. The great range of BPM’s available mean run2rhythm is easily adaptable to jogging, walking, cycling, rowing, aerobics, gym, driving, skiing or even just lounging around. Anything you can think of…
Run2rhythm can be enjoyed can be enjoyed anywhere or anytime. Check out our song samples through earphones to hear the true rich sounds of the music.

Exercise, chill, hang out or lounge, it’s there to enjoy.

5. Is it all just instrumental music or are there lyrics?

Many of our tracks contain songs sung by some great singers and composed specifically for run2rhythm.

We have many different styles and genres of music, some with lyrics and some without, all composed by musicians for your listening pleasure.

6. How do I get my music from the website?

Save your music in a file on your hard drive. Import your music into your mp3 music library and then sync to your player. You can also burn onto CD.

7. Can I mix ‘n’ match my genres or is it best to stick with the combinations provided on the website?

You can download anything you want any way you want. It is easy to download different running tracks so that you can either run with just one BPM or you can download individual 15minute tracks and make up special running music programs for yourself.
It is best to download music at the beats that will suit your jogging and running requirements and that can be more than one BPM.

8. What is the best tip to get into the rhythm for my run?

You will enjoy your running much more. run2rhythm running music will help you run rhythmically, consistently at a controlled steady pace. Refer to our benefits page for all the advantages.

9. What are the advantages of running with run2rhythm?

You will enjoy your running much more. run2rhythm will help you run rhythmically, consistently at a controlled steady pace. Refer to our benefits page for all the advantages.

10. Is there any way I can distinguish between songs I have already purchased and ones I haven’t?

Your download profile, which is stored in our system, will allow you to check up and see which music you have previously purchased.

11. How often will the downloading list be changed and updated?

The music library will be added to on a regular basis as new music is composed and submitted.

12. Once I have registered, what other benefits do I receive?

You are eligible to win the free 1 hour download announced each week. A record of your purchases and downloads are maintained for your reference and you will receive our monthly newsletter. Your will also receive notification of new music releases.

13. Does it cost anything to register?

No. Registration is free

14. Who is behind Run2Rhythm?

G’day Mate! Run2Rhythm is an Australian solely owned company formed to produce music composed and performed by great Australian and International artists and composers for the sole purpose of running/jogging enjoyment and performance.

Seriously great music from the Land Down Under.  Crikey, it’s great mate!

running music - run2rhythm - faq

running music - run2rhythm - faq