Run2Rhythm Runner's Say
"I was sceptical about using your music but was amazed at how good it was to run to. People should forget about the gimmicks of other stuff and just use your  running music.
Great music to run to'. Pete Jacobs  London

"I'm a running coach and will recommend your music to my students for use during some of their training runs
as I would like them to concentrate on cadence much more than they do presently."
Joe Gigas New Jersey USA

Downloaded your music last week and was blown away with it. It is faaantastic music to run with and better than I thought it would be.
Brad Sim, Florida USA

Had a really fun run today. The guitar (SunRise Lee Morgan) music made my run relaxed and fun to do!
Thank you very much for this wonderful help keeping the right rhythm while running!
Kindest regards, Lae - Netherlands.

"Downloaded a lot of your stuff, I llove it; I use it every time when running"
  Kind regards Freek, Netherlands

"Dear Run2Rhythm team, I have been enjoying your wonderful music for more than one year now and it helps me a great deal to maintain my tempo during my runs. Now I found your selection of recommended songs for marathon. Just excellent. Would you mind to collect the same for half-marathon? My selected half-marathon tempo is 166 bpm. Which tracks can I combine in an optimum way while still maintaining 166 bpm on average? By the way: I purchased almost all of your songs in the meanwhile." Best regards Gerhard, Muenchen, Germany

"..I love your music. It gets me going through snow or sun, trail or road. I choose the selection to match my mood and run.
Les Howard, Waterford, Michigan. USA

"..your running music mixes are a great idea. It really helped me choose the right music for my 5km runs.Your music is fantastic to run with."
Carrie Johnson, Vancover

"The smooth rhythm I had during my run was great...Thank you for creating such great music for running"
Mark Zimmermann, New York

"Hi. I have recently taken up running and it is my nemesis! I tried your music today and it made a real
difference to me. Really helped me focus and get into a rhythm. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you."
Sarah, Surrey, UK

"...powerful driving music. You have created the best!"
Dave, Middlesex, Uk

"I love Run2Rhythm. Especially the last 4 minutes of Phunk my Bass. It totally rocks!"
Nesceda, Melbourne, Australia

"I have been running for 8yrs and run three times a week 10km each run, it is very hard to find new music everytime .
Running and Rhythm isn't a new concept but you have taken it to the new level.
Today I tried your music for the first time- Great result and you are GOOOOD! "
Dima, Israel.

"Harald Riedel's 'Looking for a clue Pt4 is awesome music to run with. Absolutely drove me to the finish."
Julie Montand, Montreal, Canada

"AAAAHHHH,just downloaded the inspirational music-The Power of Sound--We need more of that!!!

Good choice for running....Thanks!"
Jenny Rudy, Kentucky, USA

“more than running to music! It’s about finding the 
sweet spot, ....the emotion that creates the ultimate running experience”
R Belmore, Doreen, Victoria

"I am so rapt with your running music I am telling everyone about it. Anyone who hasn't tried it should.
An unbelievable experience-well done to all at run2rhythm."
Ethan Johnson, Toronto, Canada

"Hey r2r. The first time I used run2rhythm, I cut 40 seconds off my PR off 2.4 km. THANKS!
James McDonald, New Zealand

"It was the first time I had completed an hour’s run non-stop since I left school. That was 20 years ago. The steady beat of the music was great to run with."
Noel Britt, Melbourne, Aus

"Who would’ve thought that running to a steady beat over 10 miles would feel so good."
David Morgan, Scottsdale, USA

"I didn’t realize how good running with your music was until I downloaded and ran with it."
Lisa Brown, Greenville, USA

"Chronic hamstrings have been my nemesis. Run2rhythm has been my saviour."
Frank Charles, Sydney, Aus

"The floating feeling I got from running controlled rhythm was the best."

Juanita Paul, Fresno, USA

"The music took me on the run” – I used to take my music out on my runs, now it’s your music that takes me on my run."
Daenkin Lootens, Belgium

"After training with 171bpm I now know how fast I have to run to break 4 minutes for a kilometer. Great!"
Petre Ramusch, Vienna,  Austria,

"I was running with great pain but the music got me to the finish."
J Mackay, Weston, Canada

"The music helped me relax and focus on my technique."
Heather Honey, Inverness, UK

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