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How to train with run2rhythm

Good running is all about running rhythmically with good technique, and also running regularly.

Running rhythmically means running with consistent cadence, being aware of different cadences and running with smooth control. Natural Running Motion!

Running with good technique, means running efficiently and not wasting effort.
Technique will normally have to be demonstrated and taught to most people and even the greatest of runners will often find small improvements are possible.

Running regularly (i.e. walking, jogging or running) for the average person seeking to
maintain or lose weight and/or to develop the capacity to enjoy entering fun runs, means running from at least 3 times and up to every day in a week.

It is much more enjoyable to have run2rhythm running music with correct cadences to run to during these long runs.

The run2rhythm feeling is great and the running time flies!
Our research with seasoned runners reveals the following relationship between cadence and time per km:

Table 2 - Beats per minute & Timing switch to Switch to metric

Mode of Exercise





Walking:   Moderate
                 Fast Non-Competitive

  14 +
  9 > 8


Jogging:  TechniJogging (Slow)
                Tempo TechniJogging (Medium)
                Fast TechniJogging

14> 12
  16 > 11
  14 > 12


Running:  Low Intensity

  11 > 10


                Medium Intensity

  10 > 8


                Medium/High Intensity

  8 > 6


As we have seen in the Table above, there are subtle differences between the various running speeds. Any person who is more than 3 or 4 steps above or below the ideal cadence for a particular running pace, e.g. 163 steps = 9.4 minute / mile pace, is either over or under-striding. This will mean they are not running as efficiently as they could if their technique was better and they were aware of the correct stride per pace.

At the given beats per minute you should not be running faster or slower than 15 seconds either side of the times suggested above. Depending on your technique and fitness level some slight variation to the above may occur. As we have just said however, a most common fault amongst many runners is over striding and keeping to the above cadences and times will indicate correct stride length.

The run2rhythm concept is all about exercising correctly and to a well planned strategy.

Properly used run2rhythm will assist YOU to avoid the over-use injuries and over-training related illnesses so common among the average person trying to manage their own program.

Now YOU can purchase running music and jogging music with the EXACT beat to match the exercise pace you wish to choose.

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