Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing run2rhythm. we want your use of our music to be as simple, fun and painless as possible. to this end, we try to keep the licensing agreement for our music as simple and easy to understand as we can.

these are the conditions that you accept if you purchase and download music from the website.

run2rhythm provides you with music for your own personal use.

our music may not be used commercially without first obtaining our permission. that said, we're reasonable people so if you wish to use run2rhythm music for a commercial purpose, please contact us and let us know at

run2rhythm respects the investment you have made in selecting, purchasing and downloading our run2rhythm music. to protect that investment, you may make up to three copies of music tracks downloaded from run2rhythm. these tracks may be stored in up to three separate locations. these locations may include:

a) computer hard disk
b) computer readable dvd, cd or backup media
c) audio cd or dvd
d) personal electronic music player (for example, mp3 player)

at all times, music downloaded from run2rhythm must reside on media owned by you. you may not loan, gift or give away copies of run2rhythm music without our express written permission.

to further protect your investment, run2rhythm provides you with the ability to download your music purchases up to three times from our website. to perform this 'repeat' download, you must be a registered user of run2rhythm. if you choose not to register with us at the time of purchase, this repeat download facility will not be available to you.


Run 2 Rhythm Pty Ltd is the owner of this website and may be contacted via email at

the run2rhythm concept, website and all materials presented within the run2rhythm website (the website) are the copyright and intellectual property of Run 2 Rhythm Pty Ltd and Run 2 Rhythm Productions Pty Ltd. all rights reserved. “run2rhythm” is a registered trading name. A reference to “run2rhythm” includes a reference to Run 2 Rhythm Pty Ltd and Run 2 Rhythm Productions Pty Ltd unless the context admits otherwise. .

materials from the website may not be reproduced, decompiled or reverse engineered under any circumstances without the express written permission of Run 2 Rhythm Productions Pty Ltd.

the contents of the website may not be stored in a storage or retrieval system such as a disk, electronic cache, cd or dvd disk, other than for the following specific exclusions:

a) materials from the website may be locally cached for the express purpose of viewing the website as a user of run2rhythm.

b) in the case of music rightfully acquired by you from, music may be downloaded and stored on local storage media to facilitate your use of the music, subject to the licensing condition of that music

no materials downloaded from (including run2rhythm music tracks) may be reproduced, broadcast, onsold or resold without the express written permission of Run 2 Rhythm Productions Pty Ltd or its legally authorised representatives.