G F Blake (Founder – Run2Rhythm Productions Pty Ltd)

While training for the 2006 Australian Ironman Triathlon I would do my long runs with my radio  to listen to music. On one occasion a music track came on that perfectly matched my running cadence Suddenly I hit the running ‘sweet spot’ and for the four minutes of that song I was absolutely ‘in the zone’.

From then on I always ran with my mp3 player/radio hoping for music that would again give me a rhythm that would match my running stride and again put me ‘in the zone’. This didn’t occur and I became frustrated trying to find the right running music.

Creating my own play lists was fruitless as each song had a different beat and often came through the earphones at different volumes. Other runners using mp3 players also had problems with play lists not matching their running rhythms. When I told them of the idea of running to music beats that matched their running stride they were most enthusiastic. They all realized they were out sync with their music but weren’t sure why.

Being a pianist/composer and a runner I decided to do something about it. I had to create music with beats that matched running strides.

With my running coach, Tony Benson (National Track and Field Consultant - Australia), we worked on a program of matching paces (steps per minute) with running speed. Using music loops set to different beats we devised a series of music rhythms that equaled running steps necessary to achieve certain times per kilometre run.

With a number of composers I developed a theory for composition to produce specific running music.

However I realized that there was still one more thing to do to refine the concept and that was MASTERING THE MUSIC.

After you wash your car it’s clean. When you the wax and polish it the richness of colour gleams brilliantly. The finishing touch!

What Mastering does to music is little known by most people - but it is the thing that gives music it’s ‘bling’. The true sound of the instruments, the color of expression, the balance of harmonies and definition of rhythm and consistency of volume are all perfected with mastering.

Our music is professionally mastered at Salt Studios in Melbourne, Australia.

We strongly recommend when listening to the free samples on this website you listen through earphones. This way you will hear the true richness and depth of sound within the music you want to download.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I encourage you to have a go at running with our music. Choose a beat that suits and enjoy running in sync with the music.

Find your ‘natural running motion’.

It is seriously great music!

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mastering the music at Salt Studios