Inside Sport Psychology

Available November 2010 Paperback Book 200 pages

In Inside Sport Psychology Dr Costas Karageorghis and Professor Peter Terry present a comprehensive guide to using mental training to maximize sport performance. The authors’ applied work has been featured in top newspapers, including The Times (London), The Independent, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. They have served as consultants to hundreds of athletes at the Olympic and World Championship level, as well as to a number of blue-chip companies.

Presented in a user-friendly format, the guide covers key aspects of sport psychology, including the most effective methods for enhancing performance and preparing mentally for important competitions. Integrating up-to-date research findings with real-life events, the authors include psychological principles associated with over 20 sports, including soccer, rugby, tennis, golf, shooting and track and field. Mental imagery is discussed and a wide variety of visualization exercises included. Tips are given to help athletes adopt a positive mental attitude, as well as how to manage fluctuations in mood to maintain consistency in their performance.

Inside Sport Psychology demonstrates how to apply psychology in a range of sport settings by offering an accessible and evidence-based approach. Explaining what works and what doesn’t, it is an ideal resource for athletes and coaches wishing to incorporate sport psychology into training and competition.

I studied sport psychology under Costas and Peter in the four-year period before I won the superheavyweight gold at the Sydney Olympics. Since then I’ve enjoyed many high points and experienced a few low points in my professional career, but the principles that those guys taught me while I was at Brunel have always stayed with me. When I damaged my right shoulder and came back against the odds in the 11th to knock out Michael Sprott for the European title, I was thinking “stay calm, focus on the here and now” just like I was taught all those years ago. I knew it was my time to shine again!

— Audley Harrison, MBE Current European heavyweight boxing champion, former Commonwealth and Olympic superheavyweight boxing champion

While at Brunel I studied sport psychology with both authors. During that period I learned techniques to improve my mental strength and composure under pressure. With the advent of professionalism at the time, those skills put me ahead of my peers. I realized that without psychological preparation, my physical attributes were insuffi cient. I realized that it was necessary to push myself toward the goals of becoming an international player and, ultimately, of winning the World Cup with England in 2003.

Richard Hill, MBE Former rugby union player for the England national team (71 caps) and British and Irish Lions (5 caps), 2003


1. Sport Psychology Applications
2. The Secrets of Motivation
3. Boosting Self-confidence
4. Anxiety: Friend or Foe?
5. Mood and Emotions
6. Master of Concentration
7. Visualization and Self-Hypnosis
8. The Power of Sound

About the Authors

Costas Karageorghis

Costas is a reader in sport psychology and deputy head (research) of the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University in west London. He was also a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford from 2003 to 2009. He is a double-accredited sport psychologist (scientific support and research) with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and a chartered sport and exercise psychologist with the British Psychological Society.

Costas is best known for spearheading the launch of the Run to the Beat series of half-marathons set to music in the UK and across mainland Europe (see in collaboration with the International Management Group (IMG). He is the author of more than 100 scholarly articles on sport psychology and has worked as a consultant psychologist with many national governing bodies of sport in the UK. Costas has also contributed to more than 100 TV and radio shows in the UK and around the world.

Costas’s main sporting interest is track and field athletics. He led Brunel University to seven British Universities championship titles as their team manager and in 2007 became head coach of the British Universities athletics team. He was installed as honorary life president of Brunel University Athletics Club in 2004 and honorary life vice-president of Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletics Club in 2008.

Peter Terry

Peter is a professor of psychology, a registered psychologist and former head of the department of psychology at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. He is one of the most renowned and respected practitioners of applied sport psychology in the world, having attended 8 Olympic Games and more than 90 other major international events as a consultant over the past 25 years.

Peter is past president of the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Sport Psychologists and a member of the managing council of the Asian South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology. He was a founding member of the British Olympic Association’s psychology advisory board, a long-time advisor to the Women’s Tennis Association, and psychology coordinator for the Queensland Academy of Sport. He is a fellow of both the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and the Australian Psychological Society.

Peter has authored three books on applied sport psychology as well as more than 150 scholarly articles. His research areas include mood and emotions, music, coach–athlete relationships and psychometrics. He is often called upon as a media expert and his research has been cited on numerous occasions in the international press.

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