G F Blake (Founder – Run2Rhythm Productions Pty Ltd)

While training for the 2006 Australian Ironman Triathlon I would do my long runs with my radio to listen to music. On one occasion a music track came on that perfectly matched my running cadence. Suddenly I hit the running ‘sweet spot’ and for the four minutes of that song I was absolutely ‘in the zone’.

From then on I always ran with my radio hoping for music that would again give me a rhythm that would match my running stride and again put me ‘in the zone’. This didn’t occur and I became frustrated trying to find the right running music.

Creating my own play lists was fruitless as each song had a different beat. When chatting with other runners they also had problems with play lists not matching their running rhythms. 

Being a pianist/composer and a runner I decided to do something about it. I had to create music with beats that matched running strides.

With my running coach, Tony Benson (National Track and Field Consultant - Australia), we worked on a program of matching paces (steps per minute) with running speed. 

With a number of composers I developed a theory for composition to produce specific running music.

I encourage you to have a go at running with our music. Choose a beat that suits and enjoy running in sync with the music.

Find your ‘natural running motion’.

Happy running

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