Marathon Running Music Mixes

Marathon in 3 hours 45 minutes

It is important  to run consistent and steady paces throughout the marathon. Remember that the ‘Hitting the Wall’ experience might happen to you between the 32km and 36km mark – so you must be ready to cope. Thus we have structured this running music mix of run2rhythm music the way we have – to help you through any tough moments. However, no music, motivation blurb or anything else will get you there unless you have put in the hours of training and ‘the miles in the legs.’

Start easy and run with smooth consistent paces.
The times relative to BPM (beats per minute) are approximate and will vary from runner to runner depending on fitness, running technique, conditions on the day etc. We have found that this is a good mix order but it is only a guide. You can mix the music around anyway that suits you.

All of our tracks are 15 minutes long so that gives you good rhythm for extended periods. ( you would need over 100 songs from playlists for the same period if you weren’t repeating songs). There are only 11 different tracks here.

We have chosen music from 3 of our albums and one single track -
163bpm -  Rise Album by Adrian Vincent,
163bpm -  Looking for a Clue by Harald Riedel
166bpm -  Electrostatic Step by Adrian Szondy
171bpm -  Sacred Run by Lee (sonny Boy) Morgan

At the start of the run you will be excited and also a bit nervous. The key here is to NOT start out too hard – you have a long way to go.

Good Luck and Enjoy  
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Distance BPM Music
Travelled Linked Links
163 BPM Meshoeu - Adrian Vincent Influenced by hip hop, dance sounds this has lovely melodies.
163 BPM Looking for a clue Pt 3 -
Harald Riedel
Great drum and bass provides solid rhythms.
166 BPM Adrenolynx - Adrian Szondy The simple drum introduction allows you to increase your pace. The mystical sound are full of intrigue.
166 BPM Bionic Pulse - Adrian Szondy One of great running tracks with lovely melodies and driving rhythms. Builds to an edgy & strong conclusion
166 BPM Phoenix - Adrian Szondy The fast rhythmic beat of the Aboriginal 'clap sticks' is 6/8 time. A Rhythm that feels like your floating. Solid primal
percussive second half of track
166 BPM Phunk my bass - Adrian Szondy Very cool funk and jazz rhythms that make running easy.
163 BPM The River - Adrian Vincent This piece is full of intrigue with changing melodies and percussive dance sounds.
163 BPM Raven - Adrian Vincent Solid Hip hop groove and strong rhythms
166 BPM Bionic Pulse - Adrian Szondy Second time around for this great running track.
166 BPM Adrenolynx - Adrian Szondy This will be the second time you have listened to this great track during this run. Will keep you motivated. High energy.
163 BPM Looking for a clue Pt 4 -
Harald Riedel
Great drum and bass provides solid easily identified rhythms. One of those tracks that seems quickly - WOW!! -
another 15 minutes gone.
163 BPM Vienna - Adrian Vincent Important to have the right track at this stage
33km/20.4m Changing melodies and percussive dance sounds are great
166 BPM Phoenix - Adrian Szondy Back again - The kind of music needed at this stage.
These relaxed sounds build to an solid primal percussive second half of the track.
166 BPM Phunk My Bass - Adrian Szondy Again this is chosen because the great rhythms make 
running easy at this difficult stage. Last 5 minutes is high energy.
171 BPM Force Within This is about the final 3km of your race. Solid rock rhythms, Driving and motivating sound make you feel good.

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Gary Blake

Founder – run2rhythm

Send me a personal email if you require music mixes for a different marathon time