run2rhythm running music is better than playlists!

Even though play lists contain favourite music tracks and tracks we feel inspire us, they are not beneficial to a running/jogging program.
When running or jogging, listening to music with an inappropriate beat will destroy rhythm, unless you are capable of filtering out the impact of the beat while enjoying the music.

Playlists can be detrimental. They will not provide any synchronization between the runner’s effort and the music beat. The problem is that a playlist of say 12 favourite tracks will most likely contain up to 12 different BPM. Invariably they will be too slow. There is no way a runner can get into a smooth pattern of consistent rhythmic running and match the music.

…..run2rhythm solves this problem

run2rhythm is originally composed running and jogging music. Through a scientific approach it is a system based on musical beats per minute which makes possible, a consistent running cadence over time. The run2rhythm concept is all about running correctly and with natural running motion.

The key to using run2rhythm is that the runner’s foot hits the ground and the hand and arm action moves in unison with the music beat. The breathing pattern becomes more relaxed.

The melding of the body and the mind through music is a great sensation and run2rhythm is the solution. It will put you ‘in the zone’.
Our music will both inspire and motivate you.

The rhythms’ music store covers a wide musical genre from hip hop, techno, dance, rock, electro, jungle, drum and bass, deep funk, blues, some classical and jazz.

Seriously great music – pure listening pleasure!

Selecting the MUSIC

Better than playlists