In the zone

There are moments in life when our body and mind seem to be in perfect synchronization. A moment, of feeling really good! These moments are rare and certainly not prolonged when doing physical exercise such as running. When you run to music with a beat that matches your running stride you will notice the difference.

“The sweet spot” is that point of perfection when you “whack” play the perfect forearm volley in tennis or “smack” the perfect drive down the fairway in golf or “stride” the perfect “rhythm” while running or jogging.

“In the zone” is keeping in the sweet spot for an extended period of time. It is when the mind and body are in harmony and operating at optimum synchronization.

run2rhythm has designed original musical compositions to help you to hit the “sweet spot quickly” and then stay “in the zone” for a longer period of time.  Many of our test group have commented that they have actually reached a “body/mind meld” (their words not ours) during their run.

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