Selecting the music to run with

From our rhythms’  music store you are able to select running music with beats ideally suited to running at different paces. Refer to the Technical pages about how to match BPM to running cadence

  • Each 15 minute run session has a free 30sec sample button for you to click. We strongly recommend when listening to the free samples in this website you listen through earphones.
    This way you will hear the true richness and depth of sound within the music you want to download.
  • For each individual artist, the music is downloadable as 15 minute run sessions and either a 30 minute combo or 60 minute max play blocks. You can download music with different beats to make up a variety of run sessions.
  • Even though some of our tracks may sound slower and or faster than you expect, the rhythm will be exact to the BPM quoted. This is one of the wonderful peculiarities and fascinations of music.
  • FREE 4 minute warm up tracks are attached to each 1hour max play of 156 BPM and faster.
  • The musical journey is great and our compositions will inspire you.
  • Our Technical pages give you all the information you will need to set up exceptional and enjoyable run2rhythm programs leading to improved results.

Running with run2rhythm

The key to using run2rhythm is that the runner’s foot plant (foot landing on the ground) and the arm and hand action should be in unison with the music beat. When starting your run with running music with run2rhythm concentrate on listening to the beat. People use various techniques to ‘pick up’ the beat – jogging on the spot, clicking your fingers or just nodding your head.

Sometimes you may miss the beat during your run. It is easy to get back to the rhythm by being conscious of the beat matching your foot plant. If you feel a little uncomfortable, try and emphasise your dominant foot on the first beat of the rhythm. Refer to our Technical pages for speeds related to BPM and general advice.

Selecting Running music 1

Selecting Running music 2